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Dear Friends and Exhibitors,

This autumn 2015 in Paris, we wish to receive you with the festival: FETE DES MINERAUX PARIS TOUR EIFFEL of the 25, 26, 27, September 28th, 2015.

We join you report-photographs of the Festival: FETE DES MINERAUX DE L'OISANS of Easter 2015 which has just finished in beauty.

After the first stock market created in 1975, this demonstration of a great wealth associates treasures, arts and sciences… with:

- Fabulous windows of the Private Collections, rich in crystals of Oisans, Mont Blanc and obviously of the mine of La Gardette…

- The Stock Exchange of the Cristalliers and Stands of the mineral Exhibitors of France and the world (India, Madagascar, Germany… )

- Animations in the city of which the procession of minor and his tools

- the program of Scientific conferences and the participation of the Universities of Earth sciences, of Gemmologie, Associations, the Storytellers, the Lecturers of reputation…

- The Workshops Gold digger, Gem Tailor and the Art of the photograph on minerals…

Dazzled impassioned visitors, specialists, amateurs...

The speakers and specialists held all to underline the beauty of this festival which we wish to reproduce in Paris at the time of the Festival: FETE DES MINERAUX DE PARIS TOUR EIFFEL.

With the autumn 2015, in the most beautiful city of the world, on a majestic site: on the Esplanade des Invalides, we create the most beautiful mineral village on 3,500 m2 with Chalets, Stands, animations as well as the exhibitors of the whole world in order to present fabulous creations of the ground to you.

Central historical place with an easy access: 2 underground lines, 1 line of the RER, 4 lines of bus and a carpark of 1000 places.

The Festival: FETE DES MINERAUX DE PARIS TOUR EIFFEL of the Friday the 25th, Saturday the 26th, Sunday the 27th and Monday, September 28, 2015 will present with its exhibitors “the mountain goes down to be exposed to Paris”.

Then, during more than one week the exhibition will follow “7ème en Fête, Village d'Automne”, prestigious window and reflection of the wealths of the crafts of Paris which puts at the honor old books, editors of art, photographers, artists ceramists, etc.

If you wish to take part in the Festival: FETE DES MINERAUX DE PARIS TOUR EIFFEL and to expose in the middle of Paris, we will book a choice place to you among the mineral salesmen of the whole world.

You will find in part united:

- Plan of the exposure on the Esplanade des Invalides

- Presentation of environment of the village of Chalets (8 and 9m2) and Stands (9m2)

- Bulletin of reservation exhibitors and regulation and conditions of sale

- Photo Report and press review of the Festival: FETE DES MINERAUX DE L'OISANS, 2015

A your provision for any further information, your wishes and proposals for the organization of your stands of sale.

In this waiting, good reception, so long, M; Gaude
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