EJM (European Journal of Mineralogy) Special Issue

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EJM (European Journal of Mineralogy) Special Issue

Messaggio da Marco E. Ciriotti » ven 10 ago, 2018 12:35

Dear colleagues,

Christian Chopin will be stepping down as Managing Editor of the European Journal of Mineralogy at the end of this year. This will be the culmination of more than 30 years of service, which he tirelessly devoted to his beloved journal despite a prolific career in mineralogy and petrology as well as administrative service to his Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris.

We believe that a Special Issue in EJM would be a fitting thank you for Christian's immense efforts and we are therefore launching this call for papers. Christian's seminal discovery and work on coesite in regional metamorphic rocks ushered in new concepts of ultra-high-pressure metamorphism (UHP) and also changed the face of plate tectonics. His work on the crystal chemistry of minerals from HP and UHP minerals is widely acclaimed. These are logical themes for contributions to this Special Issue, but of course Christian's many other contributions to mineralogy and petrology offer additional options.

Our goal is issue Nr. 5 in the fall of 2019, and we suggest a manuscript dead-line at the end of February in 2019. Nevertheless, as you know, all submissions to EJM are handled as they come in and are posted on-line when ready-for-print. The cut-off will be when issue Nr. 5 needs to go to press. All submissions will be subjected to the normal EJM peer-review process and should be submitted via the EJM electronic system. Please choose Patrick Cordier as the responsible Chief Editor and the "section/category" as "Special issue – Honour Christian Chopin".

At this time we would highly appreciate clear expressions of interest so that we can make plans and move forward.

We, the Guest Editors, look forward to hearing from you,

Walter Maresch (Spokesperson)
Hans-Peter Schertl
Thomas Armbruster
Roberto Compagnoni

All the best,

Walter Maresch
Marco E. Ciriotti

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