Thallium-rich pyrite ores from the Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy

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Thallium-rich pyrite ores from the Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy

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▪ D’Orazio, M., Biagioni, C., Dini, A., Vezzoni, S. (2017): Thallium-rich pyrite ores from the Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy: constraints for their origin and environmental concerns. Mineralium Deposita, 52, 687–707.

The southern sector of the Apuan Alps (AA) massif, Tuscany, Italy, is characterized by the occurrence of a series of baryte–pyrite–iron oxide orebodies whose Tl-rich nature was recognized only recently. The geochemistry of the pyrite ore was investigated through inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. In addition, lead isotope data for selected pyrite ores from AA were collected. Pyrite ores are characterized by a complex geochemistry, with high concentrations of Tl (up to 1100 μg/g) coupled with high As and Sb contents; the Co/Ni ratio is always <1. Geochemical data of pyrite and marcasite ore samples from other mining districts of Tuscany have been collected in order to compare them with those from the AA. These samples usually have very low Tl content (less than 2 μg/g) and high to very high Co/Ni and As/Sb ratios. Only some samples from the Sb–Hg ore deposits showed very high Tl concentrations (up to ~3900 μg/g). Another difference is related to the lead isotope composition, with pyrite ores from AA markedly less radiogenic than those from the other deposits from Tuscany. Geochemical data of pyrite ores from AA give new insights on the genesis of the baryte–pyrite–iron oxide orebodies, relating their formation to low-temperature hydrothermal systems active during early Paleozoic; in addition, these data play a fundamental role in assessing the environmental impact of these deposits.
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