Tutto sul boro in Elements appena pubblicato

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Tutto sul boro in Elements appena pubblicato

Messaggio da Marco E. Ciriotti » mar 01 ago, 2017 13:36

The August 2017 issue of Elements (Boron: Light and Lively; Guest Editor: Edward S. Grew) is available online at the Elements website (http://elementsmagazine.org) and GeoScienceWorld (http://elements.geoscienceworld.org/). Print copies will be shipped Wednesday, August 2.

ABOUT THIS ISSUE: As an essential constituent of nearly 300 minerals in the Earth’s crust and mantle, boron provides a unique indicator for deciphering Earth’s 4.6 billion-year evolution from a molten mass in the proto Solar System to a vibrant planet that can sustain life. Boron also allows us to peer into the complex dynamics of subduction zones, to trace paleoclimatic conditions and atmospheric CO2, and to understand how the essential building blocks of life (e.g. RNA) could form in the hostile environments of the early Earth. But, boron isn’t just valuable for scientific pursuits, it also finds practical applications in glass and ceramics, detergents, fertilizers, and nuclear reactors among others.
• Boron: From Cosmic Scarcity to 300 Minerals by Edward S. Grew
• Boron Behavior During the Evolution of the Early Solar System: The First 180 Million Years by Charles K. Shearer and Steven B. Simon
• Boron Cycling in Subduction Zones by Martin R. Palmer
• Boron Isotopes: A “Paleo-pH Meter” for Tracking Ancient Atmospheric CO2 by E. Troy Rasbury and N. Gary Hemming
• Origin and Distribution of Evaporite Borates: The Primary Economic Sources of Boron by Cahit Helvacı and Martin R. Palmer
• Tripping the Light Fantastic: Organoboron Compounds by Penelope J. Brothers
• Borate and the Origin of RNA: A Model for the Precursors to Life by Yoshihiro Furukawa and Takeshi Kakegawa
ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Read a tribute in honor of Paul Ribbe by Nancy Ross, Mike Hochella, and Gordon Brown. You can find the article at http://elementsmagazine.org/2017/07/26/ ... 1935-2017/
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