Jadeite in shocked meteorites and its textural variations

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Jadeite in shocked meteorites and its textural variations

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▪ Ohtani, E., Ozawa, S., Miyahara, M. (2017): Jadeite in shocked meteorites and its textural variations. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences, 112, (in press).

Jadeite occurs as the shocked product of albite feldspar in shocked meteorites, and is one of the most common high–pressure polymorphs in shock–melt veins of meteorites. The characteristic textures of jadeite in shocked ordinary chondrites show that some of jadeite crystals were formed from originally albite feldspar by a solid–state transformation and some were crystallized from a shock–induced albite melt. Based on these textures of jadeite together with the other high–pressure mineral assemblages and their crystallization kinetics, we can estimate the impact conditions such as impact velocity and parent–body size.
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