Photo Atlas of Mineral Pseudomorphism

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Photo Atlas of Mineral Pseudomorphism

Messaggio da Marco E. Ciriotti » ven 15 set, 2017 10:49

▪ Kloprogge, J.T., Lavinsky, R., Young, S. (2017): Photo Atlas of Mineral Pseudomorphism. 1st Edition. Elsevier, Ed., Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 290, pp.

Photo Atlas of Mineral Pseudomorphism provides a comprehensive overview on the topic of pseudomorphism — in which one mineral is replaced by another but still maintains its original crystal form — a phenomenon that is far more common than currently thought and is extremely important in understanding the geologic history of rocks. There are many examples of pseudomorphs, but they have never been brought together in a single reference book that features high-resolution, full-color pseudomorph formations together with the original minerals that they have replaced. This book is the essential reference book for mineralogists, geologists or anyone who encounters mineral pseudomorphism in their work.

Key Features:
•Presents the only reference book on mineral pseudomorph formations.
•Contains 500 high-resolution full color photos, along with a theoretical explanation of the geological processes that resulted in the pseudomorph formation.
•Authored by J. Theo Kloprogge, who has more than 25 years of experience as a mineralogist.

Geologists, geoscientists, mineralogists, crystallographers, material scientists, chemists.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Native Elements
3. Sulfides and Sulfosalts
4. Oxides and Hydroxides
5. Halides
6. Carbonates
7. Borates
8. Sulphates
9. Phosphates, Arsenates, and Vanadates
10. Antimonates
11. Molybdates and Tungstates
12. Nesosilicates
13. Cyclosilicates
14. Inosilicates
15. Phyllosilicates
16. Tectosilicates
17. Fossils ... 2-803674-7
Marco E. Ciriotti

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Re: Photo Atlas of Mineral Pseudomorphism

Messaggio da Michiel » ven 15 set, 2017 20:29

Interessante, ma non proprio economico, nemmeno come ebook.
Michiel Desittere

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Re: Photo Atlas of Mineral Pseudomorphism

Messaggio da Luca Baralis » sab 16 set, 2017 9:28

Su mindat ci sono commenti non proprio entusiastici, in particolare per quanto riguarda la sezione fotografica.
Luca (LB)
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