PGM in ore of Kirganik Copper–Porphyry Deposit (Kamchakta)

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PGM in ore of Kirganik Copper–Porphyry Deposit (Kamchakta)

Messaggio da Marco E. Ciriotti » mar 10 ott, 2017 9:11

▪ Sidorov, E.G., Ignatyev, E.K., Chubarov, V.M. (2017): First Find of Platinum Group Metals in the Ore of Kirganik Copper–Porphyry Deposit (Kamchatka). Doklady Earth Sciences, 475, 883-886.

The Kirganik copper–porphyry deposit is situated in the central part of the Sredinnyi Mountain Range of Kamchatka and is confined to fields of development of potassic orthoclase metasomatite and hypabyssal intrusions of shonkinite. Platinum group metals (PGMs), such as merenskyite, kotulskite, keithconnite, and temagamite, were discovered in the chalcopyrite–bornite and chalcopyrite–bornite–chalcosine ore of the deposit for the first time.
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