IMA Meeting - Melbourne 2018

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IMA Meeting - Melbourne 2018

Messaggio da Marco E. Ciriotti » ven 24 nov, 2017 13:47

Sessions for IMA2018 include

Antimony: from mineralogy to remediation
Applied mineralogy – from field to breakfast table
Beyond Earth and Mars, planetary materials in the outer Solar System
Clays and micro-organisms
D.C. Bear McPhail Memorial Symposium
Environmental impacts of nuclear energy: the new challenges
Fluids, melts, element mobility and isotope fractionation in subduction zones: Petrological and geochemical insights
Functional silicates and aluminosilicates: clays, zeolites and other minerals
Geosciences and cultural heritage
Gold – News from an old favourite
In situ analysis
Increasing resource efficiency through continuous monitoring from exploration to processing
Iron ore mineralogy
Latest developments in synchrotron-based studies in mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry
Mantle xenoliths, kimberlites and related magmas: the diamond trilogy
Martian mineralogy: observations, experiments, analogues and models
Metamorphism at extreme conditions: the important role of UHP and UHT rocks in deciphering lithosphere evolution
Meteorites and the Early Solar System
Microbe mediated electron transfer in mineral-fluid systems and environmental consequences
Mineral evolution and mineral ecology: the changes in species diversity and complexity in space and time
Mineral materials
Mineral-hazards: the environmental and human health problem represented by raw and man-processed mineral phases with special attention to asbestos minerals.
Mineralogical approaches to trace archaeological provenance
Mineralogical crystallography
Mineralogy of human-modified environments
Mineralogy past, present and future: preparing for the next 100 Years of the Mineralogical Society of America
Minerals and mineral museums
Modular aspects of mineral structures
Natural or engineered clays and nanoparticles with various functionalities
Pegmatite mineralogy, geochemistry, classification and origins
Platinum-group elements (PGE) and platinum-group minerals (PGM) in magmatic deposits
Radionuclide-microbe-mineral interactions
Raw materials for a hi-tech world: geology, mineralogy and geometallurgy
Reactions at the mineral-fluid interface
Recent advances in our understanding of gem minerals
Sciences behind gemstone treatments
Stimulating perovskites
Structure and properties of silicate glasses and melts: from laboratory to volcanic activities
The ever-growing mineral diversity in the Earth and the Solar System: new minerals, including nano- and biominerals, and related nomenclature/classification issues
Theoretical and computational mineral physics
Unseen but integral to the Earth’s interior: How minerals determine properties and processes
Uranium mineralogy: new minerals, structure complexity, thermochemistry and applications 80 years into the atomic age
Water in minerals and its effect on physical properties

Other features of the program will include daily plenary lectures, poster presentations and panel discussions on topical issues related to mineralogy.
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