Li-tosudite from western Chukotka, Russia

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Li-tosudite from western Chukotka, Russia

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▪ Ogorodova, L.P., Vigasina, M.F., Vlasov, E.A., Mel’chakova, L.V., Krupskaya, V.V., Spiridonov, E.M. (2018): Li-Tosudite: X-Ray Diffraction, IR Spectroscopic, Thermal, and Thermochemical Studies. Geochemistry International, 56, 234-239.

The paper reports data obtained in the course of a comprehensive physicochemical study of Li‑tosudite, a mixed-layer mineral from hydrothermally altered rocks in western Chukotka, Russia, whose formula was reliably established. The enthalpy of formation of Li-tosudite from Chukotka, Ca0.15(Li0.9Mg0.2Al6.0)[Si6.4Al1.6O20](OH)10⋅3.3H2O, from elements was experimentally determined by melt solution calorimetry in a high-temperature Calvet microcalorimeter: ΔfH∘el(298.15 К) = –15 087 ± 26 kJ/mol. The standard entropy and Gibbs free energy of formation of this mineral were evaluated.

NdR: tosudite ricca in litio segnalata più volte in precedenza [Amer. Mineral. (1964) 49, 816; Clays and Clay Minerals (1969) 17, 179-184; Amer. Mineral. (1982) 67, 394-398].
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