Bournonite–seligmannite series in ore of the Beresitovoe Deposit (Russia)

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Bournonite–seligmannite series in ore of the Beresitovoe Deposit (Russia)

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▪ Vakh, A.S., Avchenko, O.V., Goryachev, N.A., Gvozdev, V.I., Karabtsev, A.A., Vakh, E.A. (2018): Minerals of the Bournonite–Seligmannite Series in Ore of the Beresitovoe Deposit, Upper Amur Region, Russia. Geology of Ore Deposits, 59, 738-744.

New data are presented on segregations and compositions of bournonite-seligmannite series of minerals in gold-bearing veinlets of the Beresitovoe deposit located in the eastern part of the Mongolia–Okhotsk Orogenic Belt. It was established that these minerals represent a discrete series of stoichiometric solid compounds with As formula coefficients varying from 0.2 to 1.2. It is shown that minerals of this series are characteristic of ore deposits that undergo high-grade metamorphism, the P–T conditions of which are sufficient for melting of primary sulfides.
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