Barringerite from pyrometamorphic rocks of the Hatrurim Formation, Israel

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Barringerite from pyrometamorphic rocks of the Hatrurim Formation, Israel

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▪ Britvin, S.N., Murashko, M.N., Vapnik, E., Polekhovsky, Yu.S., Krivovichev, S.V. (2018): Barringerite Fe2P from Pyrometamorphic Rocks of the Hatrurim Formation, Israel. Geology of Ore Deposits, 59, 619-

The article provides a detailed mineralogical and crystallochemical description (including refinement of the crystal structure) of the first finding of the phosphide class mineral barringerite, Fe2P, from terrestrial pyrometamorphic rocks of the Hatrurim Formation in Israel. The mineral occurs in the association of the so-called paralavas—initially silicate—carbonate sedimentary rocks that remelted during pyrometamorphic processes at a temperature above 1000°C and at a low pressure. Questions on the genesis and crystal chemistry of barringerite are discussed in connection with another polymorphic iron phosphide, allabogdanite (Fe,Ni)2P.
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