IMA 2016-076 / IMA 2017-007 = vorontsovite / ferrovorontsovite

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IMA 2016-076 / IMA 2017-007 = vorontsovite / ferrovorontsovite

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▪ Kasatkin, A.V., Nestola, F., Agakhanov, A.A., Škoda, R., Karpenko, V.Y., Tsyganko, M.V., Plášil, J. (2018): Vorontsovite, (Hg5Cu)Σ6TlAs4S12, and Ferrovorontsovite, (Fe5Cu)Σ6TlAs4S12: The Tl- and Tl-Fe-Analogues of Galkhaite from the Vorontsovskoe Gold Deposit, Northern Urals, Russia. Minerals, 8, 185;

Two new mineral species, vorontsovite, ideally (Hg5Cu)TlAs4S12, and ferrovorontsovite, ideally (Fe5Cu)TlAs4S12, the Tl- and Tl–Fe-analogues of galkhaite, respectively, have been discovered at the Vorontsovskoe gold deposit, Northern Urals, Russia. They occur as anhedral grains up to 0.5 mm (vorontsovite) and 0.2 mm (ferrovorontsovite) embedded in a calcite-dolomite matrix. The chemical composition of vorontsovite (wt %) is: Hg 35.70, Fe 5.36, Zn 1.26, Cu 3.42, Ag 0.64, Tl 11.53, Cs 0.35, Pb 0.04, As 15.98, Sb 2.35, Te 0.41, S 22.70, Se 0.02, total 99.76. The empirical formula, calculated on the basis of 23 atoms pfu, is: [(Hg3.02Fe1.63Zn0.33)Σ4.98(Cu0.91Ag0.10)Σ1.01](Tl0.96Cs0.04)Σ1.00(As3.62Sb0.33Te0.05)Σ4.00S12.01. The composition of ferrovorontsovite (wt %) is: Hg 25.13, Fe 9.89, Zn 1.16, Cu 3.95, Ag 0.45, Tl 12.93, Cs 0.44, Pb 0.04, As 17.83, Sb 2.15, Te 0.40, S 24.91, total 99.28. The empirical formula, calculated on the basis of 23 atoms pfu, is: [(Fe2.74Hg1.94Zn0.27)Σ4.95(Cu0.96Ag0.06)Σ1.02](Tl0.98Cs0.05)Σ1.03(As3.68Sb0.27Te0.05)Σ4.00S12.00. Both minerals are cubic, space group I-43m, with a = 10.2956(6) Å, V = 1091.3(1) Å3, Z = 2 (vorontsovite); and a = 10.2390(7) Å, V = 1073.43(22) Å3, Z = 2 (ferrovorontsovite). The crystal structures of both minerals were refined to R = 0.0376 (vorontsovite) and R = 0.0576 (ferrovorontsovite). Vorontsovite and ferrovorontsovite have been approved by the IMA-CNMNC under the numbers 2016-076 and 2017-007, respectively. The first one is named after the type locality, but also honors the mining engineer Vladimir Vasilyevich Vorontsov. The second is named for its chemical composition, as the Fe-analogue of the first. Both species are isostructural with galkhaite, being its Tl- and Tl–Fe analogues, respectively, and forming altogether the galkhaite group.
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