First finding of sapphirine in granulites of the Angara–Kan Block (Siberia)

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First finding of sapphirine in granulites of the Angara–Kan Block (Siberia)

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▪ Sukhorukov, V.P., Gladkochub, D.P., Turkina, O.M. (2018): The First Finding of Sapphirine in Granulites of the Angara–Kan Block: Evidence of Ultra-High–Temperature Metamorphism in the SW Siberian Craton. Doklady Earth Sciences, 479, 443-447.

This work reports the first discovery of sapphirine-bearing mineral parageneses in granulites of the Angara–Kan block, information on the mineral assemblage of rocks, and the mineral composition. Based on mineral geothermometers utilizing alumina content in orthopyroxene, reconstruction of the composition of ternary feldspar, and the titanium content in zircon, it was revealed that the peak temperatures of metamorphism reached 1100°C, after which the rocks underwent cooling under sub-isobaric conditions. It is assumed that the pulse of ultra-high-temperature metamorphism correlates with processes of extension and intraplate magmatism during the age interval of 1.78–1.75 Ga.
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