Blue boron-bearing diamonds from Earth’s lower mantle

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Blue boron-bearing diamonds from Earth’s lower mantle

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▪ Smith, A.M., Shirey, S.B., Richardson, S.H., Nestola, F., Bullock, E.S., Wang, J., Wang, W. (2018): Blue boron-bearing diamonds from Earth’s lower mantle. Nature (Research Letter), 560, 84-97; //

Geological pathways for the recycling of Earth’s surface materials into the mantle are both driven and obscured by plate tectonics. Gauging the extent of this recycling is difficult because subducted crustal components are often released at relatively shallow depths, below arc volcanoes. The conspicuous existence of blue boron-bearing diamonds (type IIb) reveals that boron, an element abundant in the continental and oceanic crust, is present in certain diamond-forming fluids at mantle depths. However, both the provenance of the boron and the geological setting of diamond crystallization were unknown. Here we show that boron-bearing diamonds carry previously unrecognized mineral assemblages whose high-pressure precursors were stable in metamorphosed oceanic lithospheric slabs at depths reaching the lower mantle. We propose that some of the boron in seawater-serpentinized oceanic lithosphere is subducted into the deep mantle, where it is released with hydrous fluids that enable diamond growth. Type IIb diamonds are thus among the deepest diamonds ever found and indicate a viable pathway for the deep-mantle recycling of crustal
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