Ammonium mineralization of Southern Kamchatka geothermal fields

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Ammonium mineralization of Southern Kamchatka geothermal fields

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▪ Zhitova, E. & Nuzhdaev, A. (2018): Ammonium mineralization of Southern Kamchatka geothermal fields. IMA2018 Abstract book. Poster presentations, Mineralogical crystallography, 473.

The high ammonium concentration in the hydrothermal solution at the geothermal fields of Southern Kamchatka (Russia) associated to Kambalny
and Koshelev volcanoes have long been reported [Nekhoroschev (1959); Ogorodova et al., 1971; Kalacheva et al., 2016]. However, the ammonium mineralization has not yet been described in those specific environments probably due to a number of objective reasons: solubility and paucity of material and remoteness of location. The efflorescences covering the surface of geothermal fields of Southern Kamchatka were collected in the summer filed work of 2014, 2016 and 2017 seasons. The samples were investigated mainly using powder X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The following ammonium minerals were identified: tschermigite, mascagnite, mohrite, clairite, cryptohalite, letovicite, ammonioalunite, ammoniojarosite and newly described member ammoniovoltaite, IMA no. 2017-022 (Zhitova et al., 2018). Those minerals mainly represent hydrated sulfates that are formed at temperatures up to 150 ºC and crystallize in the presence of hydrothermal steam (at different extent) in conditions of acid leaching of primary rocks with the release of elements for the subsequent formation of various exhalative minerals. In the presentation we provide systematized data on identified ammonium minerals with some of their crystallographic features and compare mineral assemblages and conditions of genesis of ammonium minerals from geothermal fields with other occurrences characterized by high ammonium concentration: burning coal seams, guano decomposition and active volcano cones.
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