Uranium-rich pyrochlores from the Ilímaussaq complex, South Greenland

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Uranium-rich pyrochlores from the Ilímaussaq complex, South Greenland

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▪ Karup-Møller, S. (2018): Uranium-rich pyrochlores from the Ilímaussaq complex, South Greenland. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie - Abhandlungen: Journal of Mineralogy and Geochemistry, 195, (in press).

Uranium-bearing primary and secondary pyrochlore was found as accessory minerals in pegmatites and mineral veins in the kakortokite rocks of the Ilímaussaq complex in South Greenland. They contain between 7.70 and 17.79 wt.% UO2 and have the compositional range: (Na0.08-0.88Ca0.90-0.26Mn0.00-0.02REE0.24-0.30U0.11-0.26□0.15-0.63)Σ2.00(Nb1.42-1.67Ti0.47-0.30Zr0.00-0.02Fe0.00- 0.10Si0.00-0.10)Σ2O6(F0.10-0.50OH0.17-0.73□0.02-0.46)Σ1 with unoccupied positions in both the A and Y-sites. Deuteric alteration has resulted in the formation of secondary pyrochlores characterized by the almost total removal of Na but without significant change in the content of the other cations present, accompanied, either by depletion of OH in the Y-site or protonation. Its compositional range is: (Na0.04-0.24K0.00-0.05Ca0.68-0.21Mn0.00-0.02REE0.19-0.31U0.11-0.25□0.74-1.01)Σ2(Nb1.42-1.69Ti0.28-0.46Zr0.00-0.01Fe0.01- 0.05Si0.00-0.11)Σ2(O5.78-6.03□0.35-0.01)Σ6F0.16-0.44·nH2O. Complete silicification (12.7–15.4 wt.% SiO2) of some pyrochlore crystals is characterized by negative correlation between Si and (Nb+Ti) and has resulted in the following empirical composition (Na0.04Ca0.23Mn0.05Al0.14REE0.37U0.10)Σ0.92(Si0.78Nb0.95Ti0.20Fe3+0.07)Σ2.00O5.72F0.07·nH2O. An unidentified Nb-U-Pb-,i>REE mineral named Nb3 has the empirical composition: Ca0.9Fe0.5Mn0.8Pb2.0REE1.4Al0.5Si6.2U1.0(Nb7.8Ti1.9Zr0.2)Σ10.0F0.1(O,OH,H2O)n.
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