Platinum-Group Mineral from Xiadong Alaskan-Type Complex in the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt

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Platinum-Group Mineral from Xiadong Alaskan-Type Complex in the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt

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▪ Yang, S.-H., Su, B.-X., Huang, X.-W., Tang, D.-M., Qin, Ke-Z., Bai, Y., Asamoah Sakyi, P., Alemayehu, M. (2018): Platinum-Group Mineral Occurrences and Platinum-Group Elemental Geochemistry of the Xiadong Alaskan-Type Complex in the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt. Minerals, 8, 494;

Alaskan-type complexes commonly contain primary platinum-group element (PGE) alloys and lack base-metal sulfides in their dunite and chromite-bearing rocks. They could therefore host PGE deposits with rare sulfide mineralization. A detailed scanning electron microscope investigation on dunites from the Xiadong Alaskan-type complex in the southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt revealed: various occurrences of platinum-group minerals (PGMs) that are dominated by inclusions in chromite grains containing abundant Ru, Os, S and a small amount of Pd and Te, indicating that they mainly formed prior to or simultaneously with the crystallization of the host minerals; A few Os–Ir–Rurich phases with iridium/platinum-group element (IPGE) alloy, anduoite (Ru,Ir,Ni)(As,S)2−x and irarsite (IrAsS) were observed in chromite fractures, and as laurite (RuS2) in clinopyroxene, which was likely related to late-stage hydrothermal alteration. The rocks in the Xiadong complex display large PGE variations with ∑PGE of 0.38–112 ppb. The dunite has the highest PGE concentrations (8.69–112 ppb), which is consistent with the presence of PGMs. Hornblende clinopyroxenite, hornblendite and hornblende gabbro were all depleted in PGEs, indicating that PGMs were likely already present at an early phase of magma and were mostly collected afterward in dunites during magma differentiation. Compared with the regional mafic–ultramafic intrusions in Eastern Tianshan, the Xiadong complex show overall higher average PGE concentration. This is consistent with the positive PGE anomalies revealed by regional geochemical surveys. The Xiadong complex, therefore, has potential for PGE exploration.
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