IMA 2016-112 = verneite

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IMA 2016-112 = verneite

Messaggio da Marco E. Ciriotti » gio 29 nov, 2018 10:46

▪ Balić-Žunić, T., Garavelli, A., Pinto, D., Mitolo, D. (2018): Verneite, Na2Ca3Al2F14, a New Aluminum Fluoride Mineral from Icelandic and Vesuvius Fumaroles. Minerals, 8, 553;

Verneite, Na2Ca3Al2F14, is a new mineral first discovered in fumarolic samples from both Hekla, Iceland and Vesuvius, Italy. Additional occurrences are so far from Eldfell and Fimmvörduhals, both on Iceland. Verneite is cubic, I213, a = 10.264(1) Å, V = 1081.4(3) Å3, Z = 4, and corresponds to the known synthetic compound. The empirical formula is Na2.01Ca2.82Al2.17F14.02 (scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive spectrometer from an unpolished sample). It appears in crystals up to 20 μm in diameter, with {110}, {100}, and {111} as the main forms. In the crystal structure of its synthetic analogue, Na is coordinated by 7 F atoms in the form of a capped octahedron, Ca with 8 F atoms in the form of a bisdisphenoid, and Al with 6 F atoms in the form of an octahedron. The crystal structure of Na2Ca3Al2F14 contains sinuous chains of Ca coordination polyhedra interlacing with similarly sinuous chains of Na coordination polyhedra and forming together with them layers parallel to {100}. The intersecting layers parallel to three equivalent crystallographic planes form a three-dimensional mesh with Al coordinations imbedded in its holes. The characteristics of Ca coordinations in fluorides, as well as their relations to other ternary Na–Ca–Al fluorides are discussed. Verneite is named after Jules Verne.
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