Minerals from Cretaceous bauxite from San Giovanni Rotondo (Apulia, Southern Italy)

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Minerals from Cretaceous bauxite from San Giovanni Rotondo (Apulia, Southern Italy)

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▪ Sinisi, R. (2018): Mineralogical and Geochemical Features of Cretaceous Bauxite from San Giovanni Rotondo (Apulia, Southern Italy): A Provenance Tool. Minerals, 8, 567; https://doi.org/10.3390/min8120567

In this study, the mineralogical and chemical compositions of bauxite from San Giovanni Rotondo (SGR) on the Gargano Promontory (northern Apulia, Italy) are presented and discussed with the aim of assessing the nature of its source material. Bauxite from the SGR, which is known as the “Montecatini mine”, was exploited intensively until the 1970s to recover alumina. As with most of the autochthonous peri-Mediterranean bauxites, the studied deposit is a karst bauxite with a massive, matrix-supported texture and an oolitic structure. Boehmite and hematite are the main mineral phases, and anatase, rutile, and kaolinite are present in lesser amounts along with detrital zircons and monazite grains. Calcite is abundant only in the deposit’s lower portion, triggering a significant dilution effect on trace element concentrations. However, with respect to the average crust and chondrite compositions, strong enrichments of trace metals (up to 10X Upper Continental Crust’s (UCC)) and rare earth elements (REEs, up to 800X chondrite) exist throughout the studied deposit. The distribution of REEs, the (La/Yb)N and Eu/Eu* ratios, and an Eu/Eu* versus Sm/Nd diagram have been used for determining the bauxite’s provenance. These geochemical proxies point to a parental material consisting of a mixture of distant magmatic and siliciclastic components.
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