Crystal structure refinement of hauerite and MnSe2 and MnTe2 analogues

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Crystal structure refinement of hauerite and MnSe2 and MnTe2 analogues

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▪ Tokuda, M., Yoshiasa, A., Mashimo, T., Arima, H., Hongu, H., Tobase, T., Nakatsuka, A., Sugiyama, K. (2019): Crystal structure refinement of MnTe2, MnSe2, and MnS2: cation-anion and anion–anion bonding distances in pyrite-type structures. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials, 234, (in press).

The stability of hauerite (MnS2) as compared to that of pyrite (FeS2) can be explained by the long Mn–S distance and departure from the typical pyrite-type structures. The structural differences of MnX2 compounds (X=S, Se, and Te) are the result of spin configurations that are different than those of other MX2 compounds; however, the arrangement of d-electrons and the size of the ions in MnX2 compounds do not clearly explain why Mn2+ in MnX2 does not exist as a low spin state. To investigate the structural differences of MnX2 compounds, we synthesized single-crystal MnTe2 and MnSe2 and performed single-crsytal X-ray diffraction experiments. The single-crystal X-ray diffraction experiments were conducted on MnTe2 [a=6.9513(1) Å, u-parameter=0.38554(2), space group Pa3̅, Z=4], MnSe2 [a=6.4275(2) Å, u-parameter=0.39358(2)], MnS2 [hauerite; a=6.1013(1) Å, u-parameter=0.40105(4), obtained from Osorezan, Aomori, Japan], and FeS2 [pyrite; a=5.4190(1) Å, u-parameter 0.38484(5), obtained from Kawarakoba, Nagasaki, Japan]. The X-ray intensity datasets of these compounds do not show any evidence of symmetry reduction. In MnS2, the S–S distance is 2.0915(8) Å, which is significantly shorter than that of FeS2 (2.1618(9) Å), and the mean square displacement of S (U11=0.00915(9) Å2) is smaller than that of Mn (U11=0.01137(9) Å2). The thermal vibration characteristics of MnX2 compounds are significantly different than those of FeS2. Based on structural refinement data, we discuss the low spin state of MnX2 compounds and the structural stability of pyrite-type structures.
Marco E. Ciriotti

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