Uraninite, coffinite and ningyoite from vein-type uranium deposits of the Bohemian Massif

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Uraninite, coffinite and ningyoite from vein-type uranium deposits of the Bohemian Massif

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▪ René, M., Dolníček, Z., Sejkora, J., Škácha, P., Šrein, V. (2019): Uraninite, Coffinite and Ningyoite from Vein-Type Uranium Deposits of the Bohemian Massif (Central European Variscan Belt). Minerals, 9, 123; https://doi.org/10.3390/min9020123

Uraninite-coffinite vein-type mineralisation with significant predominance of uraninite over coffinite occurs in the Příbram, Jáchymov and Horní Slavkov ore districts and the Potůčky, Zálesí and Předbořice uranium deposits. These uranium deposits are hosted by faults that are mostly developed in low- to high-grade metamorphic rocks of the basement of the Bohemian Massif. Textural features and the chemical composition of uraninite, coffinite and ningyoite were studied using an electron microprobe. Collomorphic uraninite was the only primary uranium mineral in all deposits studied. The uraninites contained variable and elevated concentrations of PbO (1.5 wt %–5.4 wt %), CaO (0.7 wt %–8.3 wt %), and SiO2 (up to 10.0 wt %), whereas the contents of Th, Zr, REE and Y were usually below the detection limits of the electron microprobe. Coffinite usually forms by gradual coffinitization of uraninite in ore deposits and the concentration of CaO was lower than that in uraninites, varying from 0.6 wt % to 6.5 wt %. Coffinite from the Jáchymov ore district was partly enriched in Zr (up to 3.3 wt % ZrO2) and Y (up to 5.5 wt % Y2O3), and from the Potůčky uranium deposit, was distinctly enriched in P (up to 8.8 wt % P2O5), occurring in association with ningyoite. The chemical composition of ningyoite was similar to that from type locality; however, ningyoite from Potůčky was distinctly enriched in REE, containing up to 22.3 wt % REE2O3.
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