Native gold of the Priamurskaya Province (Russia)

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Native gold of the Priamurskaya Province (Russia)

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▪ Stepanov V.A. (2019): Native gold of the Priamurskaya Province. Zapiski RMO, 148(1), 16-28.

The paper displays data on typomorphic features of native gold in ore deposits and placers of the Priamurskaya Province (Amur River Region). It was revealed that distribution of the number of placers with a certain gold fineness is the unimodal one with a maximum in the range of 850—925 units. Mercury predominates among micro-admixtures in gold as in placers, so in primary ores. The total content of impurities in the metal reaches several percent in some ore clusters. Placer gold corresponds, by composition and impurities, to the gold in primary ore deposits and occurrences belonging to gold-quartz and gold-sulfide-quartz formations. Lesser common in placers the low-fineness gold (799—700 ‰) is originated from erosion of the gold-silver formation sources, and, at a lesser extent, of gold-sulfide and gold-polymetallic mineralization. Ore deposits of the gold-copper-molybdenum-porphyry formation are not placer-forming.
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