Green mawbyite from the Lagoa mine, northern Portugal

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Green mawbyite from the Lagoa mine, northern Portugal

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▪ Alves, P., Mumme, W.G., Grey, I.E., MacRae, C.M., Gable, R.W. (2019): Green mawbyite, PbFe3+Fe2+0.4Zn0.6(AsO4)2OH(H2O), from the Lagoa mine, northern Portugal. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie - Abhandlungen, 196, (in press).

An occurrence of an unusual, green-coloured mawbyite was found coating arsenopyrite in a specimen from the Lagoa mine, Northern Portugal. Electron microprobe analyses combined with a single-crystal structure refinement gives the formula as PbFe3+Fe2+0.4Zn0.6(AsO4)2OH(H2O). The change of color from the usual bright red or orange color of mawbyite is attributed to the high concentration of divalent cations, Fe2+ and Zn, in the metal atom site.
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