Murataite-pyrochlore ceramics as complex matrices for radioactive waste immobilization

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Murataite-pyrochlore ceramics as complex matrices for radioactive waste immobilization

Messaggio da Marco E. Ciriotti » mar 10 set, 2019 13:35

▪ Krivovichev, S., Yudintsev, S., Pakhomov, A., Stefanovsky, S. (2019): Murataite-Pyrochlore Ceramics as Complex Matrices for Radioactive Waste Immobilization: Structural and Microstructural Mechanisms of Crystallization. International Congress on Applied Mineralogy - ICAM 2019: 14th International Congress for Applied Mineralogy (ICAM2019), 447-450.

Murataite-pyrochlore titanate ceramics are attractive waste forms capable to immobilize radioactive waste streams of complex compositions, thus eliminating the need for further chemical separation. We have investigated structures of three types of murataite: 3C, -5C, and -8C phases and demonstrate their polysomatic nature and structural complexity. Structurally simple pyrochlore crystallizes first, followed by crystallization of murataite-5C containing pyrochlore cells surrounded by fragments of Keggin clusters. This phase is overgrown by murataite-8C containing both murataite and pyrochlore cells. The crystallization finishes with the formation of murataite-3C, which is the most stable and less actinide-rich. The microstructure formed via this mechanism reminds a Russian doll, which creates additional barrier for the actinide leaching from the pyrochlore core. The high chemical and structural complexity of the pyrochlore-murataite series is unparalleled in the world of crystalline materials proposed for the HLRW immobilization, which makes it unique and promising for further exploration.
Marco E. Ciriotti

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