New occurrence of rusinovite: Structure and Raman data on specimens from Shadil-Khokh Volcano and Bellerberg

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New occurrence of rusinovite: Structure and Raman data on specimens from Shadil-Khokh Volcano and Bellerberg

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▪ Środek, D., Juroszek, R., Krüger, H., Krüger, B., Galuskina, I., Gazeev, V. (2018): New Occurrence of Rusinovite, Ca10(Si2O7)3Cl2: Composition, Structure and Raman Data of Rusinovite from Shadil-Khokh Volcano, South Ossetia and Bellerberg Volcano, Germany. Minerals, 8, 399;

Rusinovite, Ca10(Si2O7)3Cl2, was found at two new localities, including Shadil-Khokh volcano, South Ossetia and Bellerberg volcano, Caspar quarry, Germany. At both of these localities, rusinovite occurs in altered carbonate-silicate xenoliths embedded in volcanic rocks. The occurrence of this mineral is connected to specific zones of the xenolith characterized by a defined Ca:Si < 2 ratio. Chemical compositions, as well as the Raman spectra of the investigated rusinovite samples, correspond to the data from the locality of rusinovite holotype—Upper Chegem Caldera, Northern Caucasus, Russia. The most intense bands of the Raman spectra are related to vibrations of (Si2O7) groups. Unit cell parameters of rusinovite from South Ossetia are: a = 3.76330(4) Å, b = 16.9423(3) Å, c = 17.3325(2) Å, V = 1105.10(4) Å3, Z = 2. The performed synchrotron radiation diffraction experiments did not confirm a doubling of c as reported for the synthetic phase, Ca10(Si2O7)3Cl2. However, one-dimensional diffuse scattering parallel to b* has been observed. This can be interpreted with an ordered arrangement of Si2O7 groups creating layers with a doubled a parameter. Consequently, the two different displacements of neighbouring layers allow random stacking faults to occur.
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