Crystallographic analysis of SiO[2] polymorphs

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Crystallographic analysis of SiO[2] polymorphs

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▪ Borisov, S.V., Pervukhina, N.V., Magarill, S.A. (2019): Crystallographic Analysis of SiO[2] Polymorphs. Journal of Structural Chemistry, 60, 1946-1958.

The crystallographic analysis of six SiO2 phases (α-quartz, β-tridymite, α- and β-cristobalite, coesite, and stishovite) is performed. The effect of the local symmetry of SiO4 tetrahedra on the symmetry of phases tending either to highly symmetrical cubic β-cristobalite or hexagonal β-tridymite is shown. The parameters of cation, anion, and joint pseudotranslational sublattices characterizing the atomic configurations of the structures and their individual features are calculated. The relative stability of the phases is considered.
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