Nomenclature of the magnetoplumbite group

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Nomenclature of the magnetoplumbite group

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▪ Holtstam, D. & Hålenius, U. (2020): Nomenclature of the magnetoplumbite group. Mineralogical Magazine, 84, (in press).

A nomenclature and classification scheme has been approved by IMA-CNMNC for the magnetoplumbite group, with the general formula A[B12]O19. The classification on the highest hierarchical level is decided by the dominant metal at the 12-coordinated A sites, at present leading to the magnetoplumbite (A = Pb), hawthorneite (A = Ba), and hibonite (A = Ca) subgroups. Two species remain ungrouped. Most cations, with valences from 2+ to 5+, show a strong order over the five crystallographic B sites present in the crystal structure, which forms the basis for the definition of different mineral species. A new mineral name, chihuahuaite, is introduced and replacing hibonite-(Fe).
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