Mineralogy of dolomite carbonatites of Sevathur Complex, Tamil Nadu, India

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Mineralogy of dolomite carbonatites of Sevathur Complex, Tamil Nadu, India

Messaggio da Marco E. Ciriotti » mar 30 mar, 2021 8:50

▪ Rampilova, M., Doroshkevich, A., Viladkar, S., Zubakova, E. (2021): Mineralogy of Dolomite Carbonatites of Sevathur Complex, Tamil Nadu, India. Minerals, 11, 355.

The main mass of the Sevathur carbonatite complex (Tamil Nadu, India) consists of dolomite carbonatite with a small number of ankerite carbonatite dikes. Calcite carbonatite occurs in a very minor amount as thin veins within the dolomite carbonatite. The age (207Pb/204Pb) of the Sevathur carbonatites is 801 ± 11 Ma, they are emplaced within the Precambrian granulite terrains along NE–SW trending fault systems. Minor minerals in dolomite carbonatite are fluorapatite, phlogopite (with a kinoshitalite component), amphibole and magnetite. Pyrochlore (rich in UO2), monazite-Ce, and barite are accessory minerals. Dolomite carbonatite at the Sevathur complex contains norsethite, calcioburbankite, and benstonite as inclusions in primary calcite and are interpreted as primary minerals. They are indicative of Na, Sr, Mg, Ba, and LREE enrichment in their parental carbonatitic magma. Norsethite, calcioburbankite, and benstonite have not been previously known at Sevathur. The hydrothermal processes at the Sevathur carbonatites lead to alteration of pyrochlore into hydropyrochlore, and Ba-enrichment. Also, it leads to formation of monazite-(Ce) and barite-II.
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