IMA 2021-025 = zoisite-(Pb)

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IMA 2021-025 = zoisite-(Pb)

Messaggio da Marco E. Ciriotti » ven 31 dic, 2021 11:25

▪ Perchiazzi, N., Mauro, D., Vignola, P., Zaccarini, F., Eldjarn, K. (2022): Zoisite-(Pb), a New Orthorhombic Epidote-Related Mineral from the Jakobsberg Mine, Värmland, Sweden, and Its Relationships with Hancockite. Minerals, 12, 51.

The new mineral zoisite-(Pb), ideally CaPbAl3(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH), was discovered in a sample from the Jakobsberg manganese-iron oxide deposit, Värmland, Sweden. Zoisite-(Pb) is found as pale pink subhedral prisms elongated on [010], up to 0.3 mm in size, associated with calcite, celsian, diopside, grossular, hancockite, hyalophane, native lead, phlogopite, and vesuvianite. Associated feldspars show one of the highest PbO contents (~7–8 wt%) found in nature. Electron-microprobe analysis of zoisite-(Pb) point to the empirical formula (Ca1.09Pb0.86Mn2+0.01Na0.01)∑1.97(Al2.88Fe3+0.10Mn3+0.04)∑3.02Si3.00O12(OH)1.00. The eight strongest diffraction lines [dobs, Iobs, (hkl)] are 8.63 s (101), 8.11 mw (200), 4.895 m (011), 4.210 m (211), 3.660 s (112, 311), 3.097 mw (312), 2.900 s (013), and 2.725 m (511). Zoisite-(Pb) is isostructural with zoisite and its crystal structure was refined up to R1 = 0.0213 for 2013 reflections with Fo > 4σ(Fo). Pb shows a stereochemically active lone pair leading to a lopsided distribution of its coordinating oxygens. A full chemical and Raman characterization of zoisite-(Pb) and of the Pb-bearing epidote hancockite is reported, together with an improved crystal structural model of hancockite, refined up to R1 = 0.0254 for 2041 reflections with Fo > 4σ(Fo). The effects of the incorporation of Pb in the crystal structure of zoisite-(Pb), hancockite, and related synthetic and natural phases are described and discussed.

NdR: Così come Pb si accomoda ordinatamente nel sito A2 qualche altro elemento può sostituire il piombo formando così altra nuova specie. Un'indagine a tappeto su zoisite ricca in Sr potrebbe, per esempio, evidenziare quanto presunto.
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