Supergene hydrous sulfates in the Tuolugou Co-Au deposit, Northern Qinghai–Tibet Plateau

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Supergene hydrous sulfates in the Tuolugou Co-Au deposit, Northern Qinghai–Tibet Plateau

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▪ Niu, S., Wu, H., Zhang,J., Niu, X., Wang, Y., Lin, X., Santosh, M., Chen, J. (2023): Supergene Hydrous Sulfates in the Tuolugou Co-Au Deposit, Northern Qinghai–Tibet Plateau: Implications for Genetic Mechanism and Exploration. Minerals, 13, 1198.

Supergene hydrous sulfate minerals form through the oxygenation and weathering of primary sulfides. In the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau region, with an alpine and dry environment, hydrous sulfate minerals oxidized from pyrite-bearing ore bodies provide important clues regarding the mineralization and environment. The Tuolugou sedimentary-exhalative (SEDEX) Co-Au deposit is located in the East Kunlun metallogenic belt of the northern Qinghai–Tibet Plateau in China. In the mining district, pyrite is the prevalent Co-hosting sulfide mineral, and is partially exposed on the surface to weathering and oxidation. Herein, we document the mineral assemblages in the supergene oxidation zone in the Tuolugou deposit, probe the genesis of supergene assemblage, and explore the implications for exploration. Three zones can be recognized in the oxidation zone of the Tuolugou deposit, including the outer zone (natrojarosite), intermediate zone (rozenite and aplowite), and inner zone (roemerite and melanterite). The mechanism of oxidation under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, as well as zoning with different oxidation degrees, are described in detail. Hydrous sulfates such as natrojarosite can be used as possible indicators of the exploration of albitite-related SEDEX deposit in this region.
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