REE-Zr-U-Th minerals of the Maronia monzodiorite, Northern Greece

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REE-Zr-U-Th minerals of the Maronia monzodiorite, Northern Greece

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▪ Vasilatos, C. & Papoutsa, A. (2023): The REE-Zr-U-Th Minerals of the Maronia Monzodiorite, N. Greece: Implications on the Saturation and Segregation Mechanisms of Critical Metals in Intermediate–Mafic Compositions. Minerals, 13, 1256.

This work delves into the presence of REE-Ti-Zr-U-Th minerals, in the mafic–intermediate rocks of the Maronia pluton, Greece, an Oligocene intrusion formed through arc-magmatism during subduction. In Maronia monzodiorite, critical metals are contained in three principal mineral groups, namely, the REE-Ti-Zr, REE-Ca-P, and U-Th assemblages. The REE-Ti-Zr group includes REE-ilmenite, chevkinite-like phases, zirconolite, and baddeleyite. The REE-Ca-P assemblage is represented by allanite-(Ce), monazite-(Ce), and huttonitic monazite-(Ce). The U-Th assemblage comprises thorite–coffinite and uraninite–thorianite solid solutions. The paragenetic sequencing of these minerals offers insights into their formation conditions and correlation with the pluton’s magmatic evolution. In the REE-Ti-Zr group, mineral formation progresses from REE-ilmenite to baddeleyite through chevkinite-like phases and zirconolite under oxidizing conditions. The REE-Ca-P sequence involves allanite-(Ce), followed by monazite-(Ce), late allanite-(Ce), and huttonitic monazite-(Ce). In the U-Th group, earlier thorite–coffinite phases are succeeded by uraninite–thorianite solid solutions, indicating Si-undersaturation at late magmatic stages. Fluctuations in Ca-activity induce alternating formations of allanite-(Ce) and monazite-(Ce). These mineral variations are attributed to early-stage interactions between high-K calc-alkaline and shoshonitic gabbroic melts, influencing critical metal enrichment and mineral speciation. The study’s insights into paragenesis and geological processes offer implications for mineral exploration in analogous geological settings.
Marco E. Ciriotti

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