Vaterite optical petrography in Lake Sturgeon otoliths

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Vaterite optical petrography in Lake Sturgeon otoliths

Messaggio da Marco E. Ciriotti » ven 01 set, 2023 9:34

▪ Chakoumakos, B.C. & Prachell, B.M. (2023): Vaterite Optical Petrography in Lake Sturgeon Otoliths. The Canadian Journal of Mineralogy and Petrology, 61, 899–905.

Vaterite occurring in fish otoliths exhibits plumose and spherulitic habits, the latter being like those grown from aqueous solutions. Vaterite spherulites are known to have sheaf-like texture and can be up to 100 μm in size. In thin section, the spherulites typically show uniaxial positive interference figures between cross-polarizers using a polarizing light microscope but without conoscopic or Bertrand lenses because the spherulites mimic the effect of these lenses. Plumose vaterite can show both uniaxial (+) and biaxial (+) interference figures with a small 2V, which suggests that crystal structural models for vaterite should have the plane of the carbonate group parallel to the optic axis or acute bisectrix. Vaterite spherulites grown from aqueous solution exhibit similar structure and growth habits.
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