Neotocite from manganese ores of the Ushkatyn-III Deposit, Central Kazakhstan

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Neotocite from manganese ores of the Ushkatyn-III Deposit, Central Kazakhstan

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▪ Brusnitsyn, A.I. & Egorov, G.S. (2023): Neotocite from Manganese Ores of the Ushkatyn-III Deposit, Central Kazakhstan. Zapiski RMO, 152(4), 47-64.

Neotocite, an X-ray amorphous hydrous manganese silicate, is a characteristic mineral of weakly metamorphosed sedimentary manganese ores of the Ushkatyn-III deposit in Central Kazakhstan. It is found both in the bulk of ores, where it is associated with hausmannite, tephroite, caryopilite, friedelite, pennantite, rhodochrosite, kutnahorite and some other minerals, and in the composition of veinlets cutting the ore. In the latter case, the discharge of a homogeneous neotocite reaches several cubic centimeters. The study of such large neotocite secretions made it possible to characterize the optical, mechanical, thermal properties, IR spectra and chemical composition of neotocite using modern analytical methods. It is assumed that manganese in neotocite is present predominantly (or even completely) in the divalent form.
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